Nicaragua Destination Guide


This country is the top site for sales of turtleshell in Central America. Nearly 70% of shops visited were selling these products, which include jewelry like bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. These items were encountered at 14 of the 16 destinations surveyed (87.5 percent), regardless of their distance from the coast. Surveyors visited a total of 165 different locations and hawksbill merchandise was reported at 114 of them, including souvenir shops, temporary street vendors and permanent markets.

Top Destinations For Turtleshell

  • Managua

  • Masaya Market

  • San Juan del Sur

  • Corinto

  • Corn Island

  • Chinandega

  • Leon

  • Granada

  • Bluefields

  • Puerto Cabezas

  • Laguna Perlas

Nicaragua Map.png

Legal Status: Illegal to sell or buy sea turtle shells, eggs, or meat.


Photos from Nicaragua (courtesy of Hal Brindley / Travel For Wildlife)



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