Costa Rica Destination Guide

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Hawksbill products were identified at four sites, on both coasts (Jacó, Puntarenas, Limón and Tortuguero). A total of 72 locations were surveyed, including souvenir shops, markets and street vendors; 15 (20.8 percent) stores had hawksbill products for sale. Surveyors estimated a total of 949 items, with some stores selling just one or two small pieces, up to a maximum of 462 items in one store in Puntarenas.

Top Turtleshell Destinations

  • Puntarenas

  • Limon

  • Tortuguero

  • Jaco

  • Central San Jose

  • Manuel Antonio National Park

  • Paquera (Port)

  • Paso Canoas



Legal Status: Illegal to sell or buy sea turtle products in Costa Rica.

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Download our Costa Rica destination guide

Download our Costa Rica destination guide

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